English Edition

Urban Warriors – Leon


Kindle € 3,99

The fact that Katie’s editor-in-chief forces her to work with a new photographer really pisses Katie off – especially because she’s been working on this blazing-hot story for weeks. Katie sure as hell won’t allow the new guy to mess with her, no matter how good-looking the hunk is.
Her research turns out to be highly dangerous and Katie realizes very soon that her new colleague is no photographer. After they are kidnapped by Mexican gunrunners, Leon shows his true colors: he is a lethal, merciless killing machine. Being the only female in a prison full of men, Katie suddenly finds herself dependent on Leon’s protection.

The elite-fighter Leon is sent by the Urban Warrior Corps to protect a young reporter. In captivity in a Mexican work-camp, Leon has to win the alpha-position amongst the prisoners to claim Katie. Now, the prickly young woman fears him, knowing that she is at his mercy…

A thriller romance novel.